Stardust Bath and Body Elixir

Stardust Bath and Body Elixir


The Bath and Body Elixir saturates skin with hydration- and as a beautiful result, you will find that your vibrant skin is sparkling, glowy and soft all day long.



We use a complex and fascinating blend of essential oils that are specifically designed to raise positive moods, add bliss and unclog the brain. This particular blend smells mostly of vanilla. A calming oil that adds happiness, bliss and pip to your day.




    Avocado Oil- Avocado oil is a brightening, illuminating oil that is fast absorbing. It absorbs in seconds, and all that is left behind is plump and hydrated skin. It also is concentrated. Full of vitamins like Vitamin A and E and full of antioxidants.



    Pomegranate Oil- it moisturizes and nourishes dry skin. It is reputed to provide a feeling of natural moisture and after application, the skin usually feels soft and smooth. Pomegranate Oil is regenerating to the skin, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.


    Coconut Oil- Retains and holds a large amount of water. It is incredibly hydrating, silky and ensures a long-lasting moisturization to the skin.


    Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Rosehip Oil Pomegranate Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Clove Essenti