Where your products are made

Have you ever wondered where your products are made?

This is Tawatinaw Valley. A quiet place where birds are the loudest thing you hear. There are trees as far as the eyes can see and hiking trails that seem to be never ending.

All Six Scents products are hand made FRESH right here in Rochester, Alberta in Tawatinaw Valley.

Once we finish making the products, they're packaged and shipped directly to your door. And they’re brought directly to the Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market and the St. Albert Farmers Market. (I will be there every Saturday until October 14th)

PS. I hope these beautiful photos inspire you, or that at the end of this blog you feel relaxed and at ease. Thanks so much for taking the time to open this. I constantly post

pictures of Rochester on my Instagram, so give me a follow if you want to see more of this.

You can find our instagram here:

Kind regards, -Shifairah

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