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Do you feel as if you are running on the hamster wheel trying to balance lifestyle, relationships and self-love? Do you feel that you want to learn how to love yourself but do not know where to start?


This is a revolutionized self love course developed to heal you from the ground up. It's not about just putting a band aid over your pain but truly healing you.

The Earth Shattering Self Love Masterclass 

Digital Class: $799


Transform your inner being in twelve weeks. Because you deserve it. You deserve to be awakened to an intimate friendship with yourself- because your soul deserves it. You are beautiful, courageous and limitless.

 You posses true potential, love and profound happiness.

Self Love is the single most important thing you can bring to the table. Achieving it is like having a royal flush in a poker game. It's about accepting yourself for all that you have and shattering limits that hold you back. And I have your back, I will show you how to not only achieve it but take it forward for you for the rest of your life.

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this is an intensive course that doesn’t just put a band aid on the problem, its design to help fix it. My hope is that after you embark on this journey, you will come out with self-assurance, confidence and peace. You deserve to be awakened to your potential and justly feel happiness. My mission is to awaken you to your true potential, to unlock your ability of greatness through self-love. And of course, I might add, this course is designed to fit in YOUR lifestyle at your own pace. Now,let us take this journey together. Much Love.

   The Earth   Shattering   SelfLove Masterclass


I remember when I hit rock bottom, I was so depressed that I didn't even feel like leaving my bed. I stopped eating, and hurt myself. My day was full of hatred and my week full of self sabotage. I felt hopeless. Then  one day, I stumbled on the idea of self love. I dived deep into the concept and to totally revolutionized my sense of self. I grew to love myself the more things started falling in place. I felt whole. I felt limitless.

And I want you to feel it to. I am a woman on a mission. I am ready to take over the world one small act of kindness at a time. It's time for you to feel free and to break the chains that hold you back. Make the same decision. You can turn your life around. 

Much Love

So What is Included!!?

To give you the best experience I have added as much as I can into this intensive course. This course includes a textbook, detailed journal, daily guided meditations, printable affirmation cards, educational videos and of course an extensive essay and worksheet each week.


WEEK 1 To 4: You know the part where I talked about not putting a band aid on it? Well this is it! Babe, to move forward in any self love practice you must learn where it all came from. In these weeks I give you ground breaking technicians, meditations and essays that propel you out of the frazzled mental mess that holds you back.

WEEK 4 To 8: Babe, now it's time to dance along your path toward real body freedom. The mind blowing wisdom you receive here is like no other. It will truly shake you and leave you wanting and craving more! Each week I will give you a self love task in hopes that it will enlighten your spirit and learn to love this body you inhabit. 

WEEK 8 To 12: Okay: Now that you have learned where it all came from, now that you have learned how to capture love. It is time to keep it. The last month of your journey is steered toward solidifying everything you leaned so you can keep it in your heart forever. Here I also teach you how to apply these ideas to people you love and spread grandiose happiness.  

So what are you waiting for! It's time to dive into the waters of love and come out a magical entity of beauty, confidence and strength!!!!