"I deeply believe in the power of nature to bring us health, beauty and wellness. From the inside out, from head to toe." - Shifairah, Founder of Six Scents


Growing up on an off-grid farm (until the age of 6) Shifairah learned first hand how nature could positively impact us. It is her belief that we should all be surrounded by the highest quality, most lux scents. Paired with a diploma in Organic Haircare formulations and a certificate in anti-ageing skincare. She developed a line to give just that. The natural healthy glow of nature.


We want you, our customers, to unlock your inner radiance, to feel as beautiful on the outside as you do inside. This means fresh, glossy skin and vibrant, glowing hair.


Beauty and scent should not involve toxins and harmful ingredients. It should empower you and mirror authentic strength. The cosmetic industry should positively impact your mind, your skin, your hair and sense of self-love. Make the change. Switch to a routine that cares for your mind and body, and ensures its future health and vitality.


We launched our business because we are passionate about the unique power of nature to enhance our lives. Fascinated by every amazing, natural ingredient we came across. We spent years learning how to cultivate products that have a real, transformative effect on our appearance and that also help ensure its future health.

Glowing, hydrated skin comes easy with t


Have you seen us at the farmers market?


Each formula has been carefully developed to create a highly potent product. Every single ingredient serves a purpose. We use rose water and natural oils that have a positive effect on skin and hair health. Every single product is made by hand. We pour our souls into every single bottle!

Shifairah has been fascinated by green beauty since she was young. 

When she developed severe acne the only thing that worked for her was to replace chemical ridden skincare with natural alternatives. This inspired her to start creating natural products for herself and her friends.

When she switched to natural hair care, she noticed that she could never find the perfect shampoo or conditioner. So after taking a deploma in organic haircare formulations and a certificate in anti-ageing skincare, she developed a line that perfectly balances strand hydration and cleanliness. After transformative differences, she decided to found Six Scents: Home and Bath with the belief that nature provides the necessary ingredients for healthy hair and skin. 

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